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Facing "The Changes"

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      "Times they are a changin" - Bob Dylan

As the world changes around us and the season starts to change, it brings to mind another type of change. Or, shall we say “The Changes”. Yes, we're talking about perimenopause and menopause. Whether you are going through either one or heard “stories” about what to expect, there are ways to help guide you through “The Changes”. Today’s blog focuses how to manage some of the internal and external changes.

Signs of perimenopause may start in your late 30's when your egg supply starts to decline.This causes changes in your hormone production triggering emotions that change quite rapidly.

In addition to sleepless nights, you can go from a moment of happiness to a moment of anger for no apparent reason. People, activities, daily life - items that have not bothered you in the past may begin to irritate you and suddenly cause your thoughts to run awry. Some may also experience hot flashes.


Menopause usually begins in your late 40's to mid- 50's. During this time, you may experience greater night sweats, intense mood swings, an increase in unexpected lows and out-of-the-blue highs. Tantrums, depression and overwhelming urges tend to also accompany menopause.

Your skin! We can thank declining levels of estrogen for changes to our skin.  You may experience excessive dryness, acne, sagging, wrinkling, and easy bruising.


First, know that you are not losing your mind. Although for some of us who are going through it feel as if we are, there are key things we can do in our lives to make a big difference.

Overall we suggest, Lucas Acupuncture BLENDS SHE Essential Oil to help regulate hormones through life events and changes. Read more...


REDUCE STRESS AND ADDRESS FEELINGS OF DEPRESSION. Not the easiest thing in today’s world, but manageable. Plus, it can have a positive effect on mood swings and bouts of sadness.

We suggest:

ADDRESS SKIN CHANGES: Changes in your skin are enough to give you angst let alone the other changes your body and mind are dealing with.

We suggest:

SLEEP: Yes, please. Without having the hormonal changes of peri/menopause, sleepless nights alone can cause irritability.

We suggest:

READ ABOUT MORE DETAILED WAYS to reduce stress, promote relaxation, tackle sleepless nights, and address peri/menopausal skin on the Mei Zen Blog: Stress and Your Skin

So, welcome your changes, embrace them and manage them with the tools you have including your inner strength.

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