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Mei Zen Equation For Your Skin and Lifestyle

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'Seeing the results I've had after using the Mei Zen Skin Care line, I'm all in and will no longer use anything else.'*

"I love it!  It's the perfect balance of hydrating but light on the skin.  My skin feels fresh and great all day!" *

Product referred to above: Mei Zen Skin Care Goji Berry and Argan Cream//*Actual testimonials for Mei Zen Skin Care Users

Receiving testimonials like the above are like a ray of light to us at Mei Zen Skin Care. It is our goal to make every customer feel this way.


Mei Zen means “beautiful person”. Here at Mei Zen Skin Care, we believe in aligning the body, mind, and spirit for optimal inner and outer health. When your body, mind, and spirit are aligned, you can see it reflected in your skin and overall health. But what does this really mean to you and your lifestyle?


Eliciting the spirit of “Om”, as reflected in our tag line, “Om in a bottle”, speaks to our philosophy and mission of helping you reach alignment, promoting a sense of balance, contentment, and connection for radiant and healthy, youthful looking skin. 

The herbs and essential oils that we choose for our products have medicinal properties that complement the cosmeceutical ingredients to battle wrinkles and sagging and dull skin.

Our products assist rather than deter, heal rather than ravage, and allow your skin to reveal its true beauty.

An integral part of the alignment equation is what we refer to as The Mei Zen Skin Care Lifestyle, a compliment to the Mei Zen Skin Care line. The Mei Zen Skin Care Lifestyle is about laughter, friends, managing stress, eating consciously; and taking time for mediation, exercise or whatever brings you a sense of calm. It's about finding what makes you feel good and helps you achieve your inner health. 

Be the best beautiful person you can be - inside and out. Live The Mei Zen Skin Care Lifestyle. Find your equation.                                         

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