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Oils on My Face? The Benefits of Using Skin Care Products with Oils

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Oils on my face? You may think this is counterintuitive especially if you have oily skin. We are trained to think oil is bad for your skin when the opposite is true. What is important is the type or blend of oils we put on our skin and how they are formulated in the skin care product. The bottom line is: you want the oils. All the time we spent in our younger years trying to get "rid" of oily skin really did us more harm than good. You may have dried out your skin, causing the skin to go into overdrive and produce more oil. There are products to help oily skin but there also needs to be a balance. Your oily skin when you were younger may have been a blessing in disguise. As we age, our skin loses moisture and its natural oils which enhances the signs of aging. In other words, you need your oil.

When used correctly, in a well-made product, the oil and/or oils in the product are healthy and beneficial to the skin.  You may wonder how do they work.  Each oil has a benefit or "properties" that determine its benefits for your skin.  Properties can include: balancing oily skin, fighting dry skin, nourishing the skin, helping fight the signs of aging, moisturizing the skin and many more. For example:


Lüchá (green tea essential oil), has been used in China for more than 1000 years to help eliminate fine lines and improve skin’s resilience.  You'll find green tea essential oil in Mei Zen Skin Care Yin Balancing Facial Serum and Aloe and Geranium Skin Prep.  We make sure that Mei Zen Skin Care products are properly formulated so the oils used do not make your skin oily but the opposite - they are good for your skin in providing important anti-aging benefits to balance your skin. 

All in all, you want to have oils in your skin care regimen.  Your skin will thank you!


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