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Here Comes the Sun! 1-2-3



May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  While we strive to bring "awareness" this month, it is up to each of us to be aware of skin cancer prevention every day.  UV exposure is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer.* Do you practice safe sun?

Mei Zen Skin Care brings you 3 steps to help you in practicing safe sun:

1) Get your annual skin cancer check-up.  Be sure to visit a board-certified dermatologist. Moles, bumps, and other "spots" we chalk-up to being just another "age" spot may need to be further examined. 

2) Wear SPF every day! You've heard it many, many times but do you do it?  You'll skip a day here and there, or you figure you're inside, you don't need SPF. Yes, you do! 

You need SPF when you're inside, driving, cloudy, snowing...you get the point. UV rays can penetrate windows in the house, office, car. Snow, sand and water reflect the sun's rays and can increase your chance of sunburn.


Mei Zen Skin Care VITAMIN E DAILY SUNSCREEN SPF 45.  When formulating, we asked customers and clients about sunscreen.  We heard: sunscreens are too thick, it's just another product to put on, they wanted sunscreens to help with multiple benefits and wanted it to be above SPF 15.


  • is lightweight, oil-free, SPF 45 
  • contains an innovative blend of actives and botanicals protecting skin from factors known to cause premature aging; and a high level of vitamin B3 (niacinamide) reducing redness and blotchy areas
  • helps restore skin's youthfulness, firmness, and elasticity... learn more 

3) Extra tips*: 

  • wear sunglasses with UV protection
  • if you are swimming or sweating, reapply SPF every two hours
  • JUST SAY "NO" TO TANNING - inside and outside - it can lead to wrinkles, spots and skin cancer
  • remember when applying SPF, don't forget your hands, neck and décolleté


Practice Safe Sun! It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Source: https://www.aad.org/public/spot-skin-cancer/programs/skin-cancer-awareness-month

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