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Welcome to Mei Zen Skin Care!


Welcome to our Mei Zen Skin Care blog!

Here is where we will answer your questions about products, ingredients, skin, and beauty. Our first blog is about the wonders of honey/feng mi for the skin. First of all, in Chinese iconography bees represent happiness, good luck, prosperity, and peace. That's a nice thing to think about. For the skin and general health, honey has always been known to have medicinal value. It helps heal wounds and treat infections as well as has antioxidant, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. Honey contains water, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes making it a perfect skin care product. Since it is naturally antibacterial it's a natural way to help prevent and treat acne. It is a true beauty product because it's anti aging (antioxidants), moisturizing (it actually draws moisture from the air into your skin, and soothing. Let your skin glow!

Our Kissed by Bees Cleanser contains honey which will help clarify your skin and keeps your pores clear. And our Aloe and Geranium Skin Prep contains bee propolis that will help to maintain your skin's integrity as you age.

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